Updated 11/24/2007

fried antenna Lightning strike June 22, 2006 18:15

The antenna farm The antenna farm

The Antenna Farm May 2003 on left, Sept 2005 on right

 Oct 31, 2007   Oct 31, 2007
moved the batteries out and doubled my shack floor space. Batteries and power equipment will be in a small power shed next to the panels soon.

 power shed
 Me in the shack may 2003   February 2006
The Shack, or more like a submarine closet

The plywood box on the right is the battery box which contains 4 Deka L16 Deep cycle batteries.

Close up of operating position may 2003 Close up of operating position Sept 2005
Close up up of the operating table, left may 2003, right sept 2005.