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 I started building my FP202 around June of 1992 and completed it in June of 1993.
It took  between 600 and 700 man hours to build. Which amounted to 3 or 4 hours a night during the week
and 20 to 30 hours of work on weekends. I had some help from my dad and my girlfriend, now  wife in
completing it.  It has 350 hours total time on it.

I flew it to Oshkosh in 93 and 94. This was a 320 mile trip one way and those trips are stories in themself.

Left: the top of the first crate. I have moved since building the 202 so none of the information is valid.
Center: I would make up 3 ribs at a time which would be a weeknights work.  Time to cut and glue would be
 2 or 3 hours when everything was taken into account.
Right: The first rib

Left: Main spar being assembled/glued.
Center: Closeup of Main spar root.
Right: Wing tip box glued and waiting for epoxy to cure.

Left: The "boat" fuselage in early stage of being glued up.
Center: Fuselage on the gear and cabin being worked on.
Right:  Fuselage with one wing attached. I worked out of a 20x20 garage which required some creative
positioning to fit parts.

Left: Landing gear being assembled.
Center: Stringers being glued up.
Right: both wings, wood work done and in "storage" in the dining room

Left: all assembled for the rigging checks
Center: Time for the fabric
Right: getting the engine mounted.